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Nathalie Borderie
Sophie Galliot
Lotta Djossou
Liz Créations
Vincent Melacca

My creative journey has evolved in stages, and finds its engine in a dreamy state of mind that sees hidden treasure in everything I find. Then all that is required of this precious matter is to be transformed and positioned to share this wonder with other people.

Clément Djossou, creator of the Lottadjossou Paris line, traveled the world from a very young age, like a real globe trotter.


The creative imagination of Clément Djossou is energized through his travels, and favorite moments. Like when a landscape, image or object germinates into an idea for one of his creations.

Françoise Delaire

An original textile universe, in which Art, Fashion and Decoration meet.

The worked textile material is a synthetic mesh. Light, airy but also full of spring and tone, the gestures of the hand to shape it are multiple.

"Emporium" was born from a passion for gems, the arts and travel. After growing up in Paris where she studied drawing and the Fine arts, it was in 1996 that Maryline at the point of adulthood, decided to travel to India. A country which provided her with a source of meaning and inspiration...

As a young designer with a pronounced taste for silverware, Olivia launched her brand "Vol'ut" to share her whimsical transformations of these neglected objects. She models each piece according to her imagination, making them unique ornaments steeped in history.

Created using sculpted glass and available in an explosion of colours, Nathalie Borderie jewellery comes to life in the heart of the green province Touraine and the castles of the Loire.

Abandoning for a few moments inks, pigments and watercolours, with humility and great pleasure, I now tame the caprices and requirements of different metals: brass, copper, aluminum and zinc…

Behind Liz Créations hides the self-taught Rouen artist Elise Faucheux.

Her specialty is the use of polymer clay, or polymer clay canes in particular, which she uses to create mosaics which are then finely inserted or transformed into her jewelry.

Simone d'Avray

Simone d'Avray has been creating timeless jewelry for 30 years. 
After a short apprenticeship, she gradually elaborated her style to colourful baroque.
When she discovers natural materials and stones, her inspiration for a creation only takes one look, then she falls in it forever.

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